Who am I?

Dr Abdullah Al-Muyeed is a development WASH professional working since 2003. He has proven experience in developing and managing large scale environmental and water-sanitation programs/projects targeting poor and vulnerable population in geographically and technically challenged contexts of Bangladesh both in urban and rural contexts. Dr Muyeed works with different development and corporate partners including ministries and departments of the Government of Bangladesh. He has a vibrant presence in the sector, national level events and dialogues in different media. He is also working in different high level committee members of the Government particularly on water and sanitation. By training, he is Civil and Environmental Engineer having PhD from the University of Tokyo after getting Bachelor and Master’s degree from BUET. He has more than 40 technical papers in National and International Journal and Conference Proceedings. He also authored and coauthored 04 academic books broader discipline of environmental engineering. At present, he is working as Chief Operating Officer of CWIS-FSM Support Cell, supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Department of Public Health Engineering. He can be reached at aamuyeed@cwisfsmsupportcell.org.

These are a collection of images which describe my identity as a WASH professional. The people shown in these photos are my friends, colleagues and family whom I love a lot.