"I am a simple man"
Chief Operating Officer, CWIS-FSM Support Cell, DPHE, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Can we fix this?
Yes. This is our destiny
I believe in sheer team work, partnership and collaboration. Through a united approach, we can solve hugely complex problems.

"Let's work towards achieving the SDG-6 goal by 2030 and bring an end to all water related problems in Bangladesh."

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I am serving as the Chief Operating Officer of CWIS-FSM Support Cell at the DPHE, Govt. of Bangladesh. I began my career as a lecturer at Stamford University back in 2003. I also worked at DUET for a year and then moved to University of Tokyo, for my PHD. After I completed my PHD, I joined as an Assistant Professor at Ahsanullah University where I authored a couple of books and research papers. Later, I joined WaterAid Bangladesh and it has been a total of 8 years in the organization. I was working as the Head of Policy and Advocacy at WaterAid Bangladesh for the last two years.  

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For the last few weeks, I was keenly interested to learn about the Global WASH scenario and its position, particularly what would be the impact after COVID19. The global community
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